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Unleash potential in your organization

Benefit from a generalist's expertise and a customized approach.


Organizational Assessment & Design
Diagnose organizational conditions and systemic gaps by gathering data to help define strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Facilitate conversations among key stakeholders and discern improvements through operations, administration, program delivery, development and communications. Analysis presented in a clear, concise and actionable fashion.

Visioning & Stakeholder Engagement
Engage stakeholders to think about and plan for the future with a process that promotes clarity and curiosity to generate commitment and communication. Ideal for leadership teams and departments as well as nonprofits considering the possibilities of collaboration or merger. Customized for each client to involve information gathering, dialogue, analysis and planning.

Strategic Thinking & Practical Planning
Develop the organization's internal capacity to deliver effectively on the mission, sustain itself over the long-term and advance beyond business as usual. Formalize links between strategy, process and implementation with tactics and tools to manage change and motivate stakeholders. Uses a stakeholder engagement methodology respectful of individual working styles and cultural dynamics to refocus and recharge teams as well as incorporate external data.

Transitions & Change Management
Position your team for success in handling changing conditions and shifting landscapes. Involves helping management understand the basics of change and the complexities of transitions. Delivers focus and energy for transition teams to identify issues, map progress, and move forward. Reap the rewards of having an outside partner who can put the organization in a position to let go and embrace the new beginning.

Benefit from a neutral discussion leader with no decision-making authority who intervenes to improve the group's effectiveness by improving the identification of issues and the solving of problems; techniques determined to match the organization's governance and guiding principles.

Executive Advising (Consultative Coaching)
One-time or ongoing sessions for you to share issues, roadblocks, dreams and desires that spark an idea-driven conversation about possibilities, solutions and plans of action. Each conversation results in practical next steps that you can consider to move things along. Requires initial in-person meeting that can be supported through telephone or e-mail interactions as well as recurring face-to-face conversations over time.

Brand Building/Outreach
Link strategy and messaging with delivery that is clear, consistent and designed to connect stakeholders with your ideology and intent. An articulated framework helps staff and leadership enhance effectiveness and credibility. Creative direction sets the stage for in-house, freelance or contract implementation. Effective for new or forming organizations as well as those looking to refresh for changing conditions. Check out the on-line gallery for some creative.

Enhance your fundraising success as you articulate your goal, assess your starting point, consider the players, frame a plan and proceed with implementation. May involve organizational assessment, strategy setting, coaching and consulting, messaging, case development, event planning and/or project management.

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